Three Daughters of Eve – Elif Shafak

Set across Istanbul and Oxford, from the 1980s to the present day, Three Daughters of Eve is a sweeping tale of faith and friendship, tradition and modernity, love and an unexpected betrayal.

Three Daughters of Eve

Peri is prompted by an old polaroid photo of three young women and their professor, to reminisce about her time at Oxford University, her search for God and for meaning as a young Muslim woman.

She tells her story in present day over the course of one evening from a dinner party in Istanbul.

Fascinating mix of cultures both past and present, conservative and liberal ideas, political and spiritual themes.

“Can you create a marvellous science of your own to study God?”

“Be polymaths. Knit together different disciplines, synthesize, don’t just focus on “religion”. In fact stay away from religion, it only divides and muddles. Go to mathematics, physics, music, painting, poetry, art, architecture… Approach God through unlikely channels.”

I also love it when a book references other books, people or philosophies for me to follow up on..

  • Forbidden books from Peri’s book store display: Alice in Wonderland; 1984; Catch-22; Brave New World; Lady Chatterley’s Lover; Lolita; The Naked Lunch; Animal Farm
  • Work of the mystics: Ibn Arabi; Meister Eckhart; Rumi; Isaac Luria; Fariduddin Attar; Hafez

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GENRE: Literary

PAGES: 384

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