Crooked House – Agatha Christie


In the sprawling, half-timbered mansion in the affluent suburb of Swinly Dean, Aristide Leonides lies dead from barbiturate poisoning. An accident? Not likely. In fact, suspicion has already fallen on his luscious widow, a cunning beauty fifty years his junior, set to inherit a sizeable fortune, and rumored to be carrying on with a strapping young tutor comfortably ensconced in the family estate. But criminologist Charles Hayward is casting his own doubts on the innocence of the entire Leonides brood. He knows them intimately. And he’s certain that in a crooked house such as Three Gables, no one’s on the level…


Crooked House is one of Christie’s personal favourites. A story of family murder and in true AC fashion every character is interesting and absolutely any of them could’ve done it. It is impossible to pick although I thought I had it a few times(!) and of course there’s lots of lovely Britishness which I just can’t get enough of. This is a standalone novel so no Poirot or Miss Marple unfortunately.

I think people more often kill those they love, than those they hate. Possibly because only the people you love can really make life unendurable to you.

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BOOK #30 IN 2020



PAGES: 276

GENRE: Mystery


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