Autumn – Ali Smith

Autumn is the story of a young woman and her relationship with a neighbour who looked after her as a child and teaches her much about art, and life.

Daniel is a century old. Elisabeth, born in 1984, has her eye on the future. The United Kingdom is in pieces, divided by a historic once-in-a-generation summer. Love is won, love is lost. Hope is hand in hand with hopelessness. The seasons roll around, as ever…

In this novel we get strong feelings of boundaries and division, the themes of Brexit. Contrast with the protagonist’s fascination with a British female pop artist who tried to break down boundaries in her own time.

Mesmerising and poetic, Autumn is a beautiful and unique short read. The first of 4 seasonal novels on the state of a nation.

A frost has snapped millions of trees all across the country into brightness. The ones that aren’t evergreen are a combination of beautiful and tawdry, red orange gold the leaves, then brown, and down.



GENRE: Literary fiction

PAGES: 260

AWARDS: Man Booker 2017 Shortlist


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