My Reading Goal 2018

How to reach my reading goal and read more books this year.

My reading goal in 2018 is 60 books. I was so close last year, I had wanted to read 50 books but read 49. So close! It’s only an arbitrary number really but there’s something nice about setting goals, even for your reading.

I keep a book database.

It’s a really simple google sheet which I can access on all of my devices and even offline. (Sheets is an awesome tool and it’s FREE).  I started my database last year but I’ve since upped the game and record a lot more. It records all of the books I’ve read – genre, awards, notes, fave quotes etc.

I track my reading stats.

In said database. I like to know on average on how many books I’m reading per month, and how I’m tracking against my goals and reading lists. It’s really basic stuff but I do find the act of recording quite enjoyable.

I keep a list of books I want to read next.

From recommendations and reviews, and classics I’ve always wanted to read. This means I very rarely get stuck deciding which next book to read.

I read in different formats.

“Real” books are my favourite but sometimes the Kindle is the best option as it’s small and portable, plus the classics cost only a few bucks. I also use Audible for audio books which I listen to mostly while I’m at the gym. By having 3 different types of books on the go, I cover all of my bases for maximising my opportunity to read.

I prioritise time for reading.

This probably works out to be about 1 hour per day (more in the weekends) which isn’t really that much. 30 minutes during the day and 30 minutes before going to sleep each night to wind down. I don’t find this hard to stick to because personally I prefer to have a quiet house and my nose in a book than the sound of the TV.

My completed 2018 reading list


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  1. I use Goodreads for my database book info. It keeps track of everything and lets me know what’s next in the series. Congrats on killin it with your reading challenge! 50 let alone 60 books is no mean feat.

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