April 2019 Reading List

April reading - the library book and middlesex

My April Reading List. I read some particularly good books this month. Proper book reviews still to come. Highly recommend picking up Middlesex if you haven't already read it. Bibliophiles will enjoy The Library Book although the thought of all those books lost.. is enough to make you feel a bit nauseous. ★★★★★ Middlesex by … Continue reading April 2019 Reading List

The Winter Soldier – Daniel Mason

The Winter Soldier

"Part mystery, part war story, part romance, The Winter Soldier is a dream of a novel -- impeccably researched and totally immersive. The unsinkable Margarete is a mesmerizing character, and the book's investigation into the psychiatric toll of war on its combatants could not be more timely. This novel convinces you with every sentence."―Anthony Doerr, author of New … Continue reading The Winter Soldier – Daniel Mason